AA Intimate
& Care

Stronger protection and
care for your femininity

Comprehensive protection and care of intimate areas allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day. Protection against infections, hydration, refreshment, regeneration, soothing, alleviating irritations.

The line of products for intimate hygiene now has a stronger skin care and protection effect to meet the needs of modern women. Richer emulsion and cream formulas.  The formulas are adapted to the specific physiological needs and age of women. Specially selected active ingredients and mild cleansing substances leave a long-lasting feeling of freshness, comfort and care of intimate areas, and also soothe irritations. Lactic acid, in combination with antibacterial and antifungal agents, effectively protects against infections. Specialist emulsions – formulas with a reduced pH – regulate the microbiological environment of intimate areas. The line was developed in cooperation with specialists in the field of gynecology, dermatology and allergology.

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