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BIO NATURAL VEGAN – for the love of nature, for the love of women.

Care for skin and the environment was always in our nature. This time we combined both of these missions into one cosmetic line.

Wonders of nature
In the face of all the chemicals, we are exposed to every day, returning to the roots is the rescue. Accordingly, we derived from the wealth of nature to yield  the new line of cosmetics based on the plant essence. The line consists of ingredients from 96% to 100% of natural origin, which are easily absorbed by the skin.

Less is more
Experts convince, the fewer ingredients the better. There’s no need to add unnecessary substances when nature itself is so powerful. In Bio Natural Vegan line, we include minimum ingredients giving maximum results.
The cosmetics:

  • moisturize, regenerate, rejuvenate, and nourish the skin,
  • smoothen irritation,
  • tone imperfections,
  • protect the skin from external factors.

All women…
…can feel the green on their skin! The line offers complex face care for women of all ages, which is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin as well.

Conscious life
Fortunately, the green consciousness is growing rapidly, and we seek solutions that will be better for ourselves as well as for the world around us. People, who love nature and believe in its power as we do, should definitely try out this line. We produce in an environmentally clear area, we don’t use any substances of animal origin, and no living creature was harmed in producing our cosmetics.

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