Our values

Our values

The first cream by AA was created in 1982 – for sensitive skin prone to allergies. It quickly gained immense popularity. Due to its packaging, it was spontaneously named the “orange” cream.

This was the beginning of the history of our brand. In the 1980s, when allergies were not yet a global epidemic, we created a cream that was ahead of its time.

The foundation for creating the AA brand was a dermatological approach to the skin and a responsible view to the future.

This determines our most important values to this day.

Product safety

In the modern AA Research and Development Laboratories- at the heart of our company – a team of experts develops innovative cosmetics formulas.

Our activities are supported by authorities of the medical sector – clinicians, dermatologists and allergists.

When developing recipes, we eliminate ingredients that contain identified allergens. All the ingredients used are carefully analysed in each newly formed recipe.

In the course of the tests, we have to confirm 100% that the formula does not irritate skin which is prone to allergy.

We use advanced technologies, the highest standards of production management and a strict quality control process. This allows us to also produce drugs and medical devices in our factory.


We combine the highest level of safety of cosmetics with their high efficacy and pleasant application. This is our innovative challenge.

Numerous patent applications and patents are primarily used to eliminate the risk of skin irritation. Therefore, it is safe to use highly active ingredients of the latest generation, even in high concentrations.

We only use hypoallergenic aromatic compositions.

Innovation also includes our breakthrough products – the first cream for sensitive skin, the first specialized preparations for hygiene of intimate areas, the first skin care tailored to various age groups.


We use the latest and most effective world-class skin care ingredients.

We obtain raw materials from the best in the world. Our effectiveness studies are supported by extensive research and quality documentation.

We take advantage of knowledge continually obtained from dynamically developing fields of science: dermatology, cosmetology, biotechnology and medicine.


We would like to accompany you every day, supporting you in effective and safe skin care.

It is a real honor for us when customers choose AA.

Such a wide range of products that have been tested by people with sensitive skin is unique on a global scale. That is why you will find among them preparations suited to all skin types, complex series for body care and make-up products.

We make sure that AA cosmetics are available in your favourite store, with clear information helping you choose the right product.


We are convinced that the best is yet to come.

By listening to the needs of consumers, following breakthrough technologies, and conducting our own research, we do not stop in the continuous development and fulfillment of our mission.

We believe that beautiful, healthy and well-cared-for skin gives everyone the strength and confidence necessary to pursue a happy life each day and achieve their dreams.

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